vendredi 29 juillet 2011

X-shape custom mtb !

Hi mates !

This week i tested my new "X-shape" mtb deck, and this is a SICK board !!

The particularity of "X-shape" board is that you can custom it, you just have to say what you want to the shaper ( "Skully" ) and he will do the board of your dream !

I sayed to him that i want a full carbon deck with a good pop, and he did it very well ! I love my board, the deck is so light !!

The weight of my mtb with this "X-shape" deck is only 5 kg ! AWESOME, and the pop is sick !

Take a look to "X-shape" website, and think about a brand new "X-shape" mtb deck for your ride ;)

The name of the shaper is "Skully", and trust me Skully's hand will built the most strong and light mtb deck that you can't imagine !

The X-shape slogan is : "X-shape flying board", and i think it's a good one !!

Now take a look of my brand new video with this magic "X-shape" mtb !! :)


lolo B$D.

X-shape Flying board from Lolo BSD™ on Vimeo.

Rider : lolo B$D

jeudi 28 juillet 2011

Extrem video mix : Adrenaline !

Hi dudes !

This video ( Adrenaline ) is so SICK !!
You can see in this fabulous extrem sports compilation, some of the best tricks ever !!

Most of the image are recent, but there are some from the past too...great compositing !

Let's rock this shit with big spins, FAT flips, and HUGE BIG AIRS !!


mercredi 27 juillet 2011

How to : 360 back loop varial board off

Hi Youth riders !

Today i give you an instructional tricks video for the 360 back loop varial board off.

Try to remember my advices, and go training to this tricks on your home spot ;)

Cheers, lolo B$D !

mardi 26 juillet 2011

still fly !

Yo yo yooo !!

Here we come again with sick hill glidings on land with my bro alex AKA " Beber " !!

The "youth riders" team riders always push the limits up in land kiting tricks and the big fly !
Check this huge flying edit on our home spot, the wind was about 10-14 knots, and we fly with the Flysurfer speed 3 kite 19m ;)

ok, now it's time for you to see one of the biggest land kiting air ever...GAME ON biaaaatch !!!!

vendredi 22 juillet 2011

Young roller skater in big bowls : Chems !

Hi everyone,

today i want to show you this young rider, he's only 11 years old and he's not scary about riding big bowls on his roller skate !

He has a pretty nice dirty style, and his tricks are really good for a young rider like him...

His name is "Chems", remember it... ;)

jeudi 21 juillet 2011

Earth Kiting volume 2 !

Hi kiters !

The volume 2 of " Earth Kiting " video concept just arrive on the net !

You will can see on this new opus some secret footage of kite actions on land, snow, and water ;)

The concept is still the same, show to every kiter and everybody that kite is a very good sport because you can do it on the 3 elements of the Earth !

If you like kitesurfing, you will enjoy snowkiting ! and if you like snowkite hill glidings, you will LOVE landkite hill glidings too !

Now it's time to watch " Earth Kiting vol.2 ", let's rock it !! yyhhaaaa

mercredi 20 juillet 2011

night snow shot

yo dudes, here is a very nice skiing video with some cool night rush !

check this out ;)

jeudi 14 juillet 2011

The Dark Sesh

Yesterday the wind was really sick, if my friend Abe was here he would say " man, it's a super kite day for sure " !

North wind, so i took the decision to go on my hill spot for the north wind, it was cloudy and dark, that's why i named it " the dark sesh ".

The wind was between 12 and 18 knots, and i ride with my 19m speed3 ! sick hangtime dudes...
I only ride 2 hours and a half because the overfull power of my kite killed me !! i was too tired ...

Take a look of the video bro,

Cheers, Lolo ;)

rider : lolo BSD

kite : flysurfer speed3 19m dlx edition

wind : 12-18 knots

spot : ss2 ( France, oise 60 )

wear sponsor :

lundi 11 juillet 2011

Before work Sesh hérou

Yo yo yo riderzz !

Here is my brand new shit in "Hérouville", the basket ball kite spot ;)

So good to do a little kite landboarding sesh just before to go working !

The wind was about 12-18 knots, i ride with my Flysurfer Speed 3 in 12m deluxe edition ( fast and furious kite yybbaaaa ) !!

Check this out dudes ;)

jeudi 7 juillet 2011

Fly like a bee !

Hello riders !

This video is a small kiting edit with some big airs very floaty inside ;)

I do the promotion of "Hoody B clothes", because all of the clothes of "hoody b" are 100% Organic cotton ( bio ).

I ride with a "Hoody B" tee-shirt in this video, and you can see all "Hoody B" clothes on the "Hoody B" website :

Beautifull wear and natural wear, make sure to check those clothes dudes ;)

Hoody B wear :

mardi 5 juillet 2011

Flysurfer Rider Alex Robin : snowkite edit !

Hi mates !

Alex Robin AKA "Leksa" is the main rider in the Kite Unit story !
He lives in the "col du lautaret" during winter, and work there as a snowkite instructor at "kite legend snowkite school".

Alex is a Flysurfer Team Rider, and here is his brand new snowkite edit of 2011 winter !

Make sure to check this out dudes, big fly and fast spins inside ;)

Cheers !

slow mo night surfing !

yéyé yo !

take a look at this beautifull night surfing session !

very nice slow mo with stars all over your head ;)

lundi 4 juillet 2011

Pinar & sauciflar kiting !

Hi dudes !

do you want something FAT to begin the week in a good adrenaline shot ??!!

ok, youth team got what you want !
A fat hangtime land kiting session on our home spot, with some HUGE big boards off and super big hill gliding madness !!

Check this out ;)

Featuring : Kite Unit riders "Mehdi" & "Le Grave", Youth rider "Beber" & "lolo BSD" !

vendredi 1 juillet 2011

Hardcore Kite Loop !!

Hi dudes,

here are some crazy hardcore kite loops !

First one on water with short lines, and the second one with Flysurfer rider " Lennart " looping his kite on a massive front roll grab on snow ->> AWESOME !!

check it out youth riders ;)