dimanche 30 octobre 2011

"Youth Riders" clothes

Hello everybody !

"Youth Riders" wear just arrivered from the Clothes Factory :-)

Here is a little promotional clip for "YR" clothes :

Youth Riders clothes, By Kiters For Riders !

Order : lolobsd@gmail.com

Moment - SKD8 Teaser

Hi everyone !

My mate Abe from the UK SKD, came in France to our YOUTH HOME to have some French Super Kite Days with us !

We had some sick sessions on our home spots in Hérouville, SS2 and Bondoufle.

Abe was riding his brand new green 15m Flysurfer Speed3, and he enjoyed to fly with this fabolous kite !

Here is the Teaser of the video, "moment" will show you some insane hill glidings, and really cool slowmo actions ;-)

Skd & Youth Riders come again to rock this shit, keep it easy !

jeudi 13 octobre 2011

Killa Grass

Hi everybody !

Automn is the best season for kite landboarding, because the winter wind is coming with a little bit of humidity >> that means High & Hangtime !!

Last few days were windy in my area, about 15-20 knots, so me and my "youth riders" friend "Beber" took our 12m to rock this sh*t !

A lot of footage on my computer, so i decided to do a new compilation of kite landboarding actions.

This is the first volume, with some slow mo trix on my home spot ( Hérouville ), with my brand new X-shape board :))

Now it's time for land kiting action, let's ride ;)