jeudi 30 juin 2011

Bèbèr et BSD fly away !

Salut les laupettes !

Avec bèbèr on s'est fait une ch'tiote after work sesh cette semaine au ss2, ça a taquiné d'la blaguounette, arosé quelques binouzes, et virvolté dans le ciel ;)

apprèciez cette bullshit tel qu'il se doit !

Manquait qu'le sauciflar tient ! AIIIGHT

lundi 27 juin 2011

Hangtime Mountain Biking

hi dudes,

here is a nice slow mo edit of mountain biking actions !

are you ready for mountain ? Let's go !

samedi 25 juin 2011

Greg Hill Gliding " Col du bon souffle " !!

Hi evrybody !

Here we come again in " le col du bon souffle " ( Bondoufle, France ).

Today the hill gliding session is with an official bondoufle rider : Greg !

Greg knows very well his home spot, so when he's kiting there he fly very high ( look the pics ! )...
With his FS Speed 3 15m, Greg can go up very fast, and loop the kite easily when he goes down...nice control of the kite from him, amazing !

Well, now it's time for you to appriciate the show, GAME ON !!!

vendredi 24 juin 2011

KP lll - Part 2 !!

Et la voilà !

La Part 2 est enfin en ligne !

Bon visionnage mes p'tits cochonou ;)

jeudi 23 juin 2011

Earth Kiting

" I love Kite, because i love earth !

Thanks to the Kite, we can ride the earth on 3 elements :



and Land

It is the magic of the kite, the possibility to investigate the earth by means of the wind...

Why to content itself with a single discipline when we can practise 3 ?

I love kite on water, on snow and on land : i am a Kiter ! "

lolo BSD.

Traduction Française :

" J'aime le kite, parce que j'aime la terre !

Grâce au kite, nous pouvous rider la terre sur 3 éléments : l'eau, la neige, et la terre !

C'est la magie du kite, la possibilitée d'explorer la terre grâce à la force du vent...

Pourquoi se contenter d'une seule discipline lorsque l'on peut en pratiquer 3 ?

J'aime le kite sur l'eau, sur la neige et sur la terre : je suis un Kiter ! "

lolo BSD.

Earth Kiting from Lolo BSD™ on Vimeo.

lundi 20 juin 2011

Swag & Loop !

Hi dudes !

Here we come again with the CKC and T2K riders, for a EPIC kite loop session in Berck sea !!

The wind was about 25-30 knots, super good wind condition for 7m kite looping !

Check it out ;)

samedi 18 juin 2011

SKM 2011

Hello guys !!

This winter was so good to the " Col du Lautaret " !

The local riders are so cool, everybody chill in the mountain and ride together, awesome snowkite trip in Lautaret Pass !

Good souvenirs on this beautifull video of " Abe " ATBshop team rider ;)

vendredi 17 juin 2011

Abe in Hérouville !

Hi mates !

Last weeks my friend from the SKD team ( Weston Shore ), came to my home to have a nice Kite Trip on my home spots !

We were lucky, we had a good wind during the trip, here is the video of a good session in " Hérouville ", my basket ball kite spot !
It's the T2K association kite spot, and one of the T2K local rider was there, his name is " Big Rider " !

Check this out dudes, yyhhaaaa !!

jeudi 16 juin 2011

coconuts land kiting !

Hello evrybody !

here is the brand new land kiting video from the spot of the T2K team in " Hérouville ", remember the basket ball spot... ;)

ready for action with " Mad Rider " and myself " lolo BSD ". Let's ride :

mardi 14 juin 2011

Unhooked sesh Berck sea !

Hello les Youth !

Hier c'était la session a pas louper a berck pour le training en dehooké !

Un bon p'tit 15-20 noeuds sud-ouest, une eau qui commence a être bien bonne, ah c'est bon l'été approche !!

Allé bon visionnage ;)

vendredi 10 juin 2011

Abe's kite land board hill gliding !

Yo yo yo !!!

" Super Kite Day " team rider " Abe " comes back to us with a huge hill gliding video on the spot of " Bondoufle " ( France ).

Check this out ;)

jeudi 9 juin 2011

Kite Land Board Hill Gliding Madness !!!

Ladies & Gentleman,

today is the day, ready for power full hill glidings ??

Let's rock that shit !!!!


Youth Riders Hill Glidings at the " col du bon soufle " !

Yo yo yo !!

The youth riders crew just come back from a BIG kite land boarding hill gliding session in " Bondoufle " !!!

Make sure to check this huge video from " Alex ", Featuring : Greg, Abe, Lolo bsd, and more !!

Are you ready to fly high ?!! Let's rock that shit YYHHAAAAAAA !!!

lundi 6 juin 2011

Kerhillio party 3 - The Movie " Part 1 "

YO yo yo !!!

Hello les Youth !

Et voila, encore une fois plus rapide que mon hombre, je vous débale la grosse marchandise, voici la " Part 1 " de la Kerhillio mtb Party !

Vous y retrouverez les plus grands héros tels que " Super Teub, Hanibal lecteur, bat lolo, death man, Super Trave " et bien d'autres en pleine démonstration de leur super pouvoirs !

Allé a vous de jouer ;)

Dave Ursell Kiteboarding

Push Kiting come back with a brand new video of " Dave Ursell " !

Are you ready for kite looping party, herre we go ;)

Trailer " Kerhillio mtb party 3 " !

Hi everybody !!

Just come back from the Kerhillio mtb party with my crew, i already edit the Trailer !

This event was sick ! The kite park was awesome with big kikers, the wind was there with us, and sun pretty hot !
The guys and the atmosphere were pretty good, with some crazy dudes lol ( picture below )

Big up to Yann ( the organisator ), kitesk8, and all the riders !!

Hope to see you next year guys for the " Kerhillio mtb party 4 " !!

Now let me introduce to you the " Kerhillio mtb party 3 " Trailer, here we gooo ;)